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Most women learn how to do their own makeup through trial and error. There is nothing wrong with that but it can be an expensive journey with so many different products on the market. Also, they can get "stuck" on one make-up look for years, and simply do not know what else they can do with their faces. The secret to a beautifully polished, radiant face is not an expensively assembled makeup bag, but it is about using the right product at the right places utilizing correct application techniques. This will emphasize your natural beauty.


My makeup lessons are designed to strip away the mystery of makeup, find the right products and colors, and teach you the correct application techniques which are right for you as an individual.


Basic Make-Up Lesson Each makeup lesson is unique as it is tailored to the individual and/or group. Listening to your personal experiences with make-up, and tailoring your needs accordingly. Give your make-up bag a second look, and leave only the most necessary items in it.


A step-by-step lesson in makeup application

Creating a "10 Minute Makeover" routine for you that will leave you looking great in no time. Tuition via a "half-face" technique allowing you to build confidence by practicing new techniques throughout the make-up lesson yourself.


The make-up lesson is designed to give you skills and product knowledge,  that will suit your lifestyle and boost your confidence level.



One-on-One                          $210 per hour

Group of 3 or more               $185 per hour (minimum 2hrs)


Lessons run 2-3 hours depending on the amount of information you wish to learn.


Make-up lessons can incorporate many other techniques including dramatic make-up, applying false lashes and eyeliner, achieving a flawless complexion, and much more.

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