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Celebrity beauty blunders..

April is here, and I started to get lots of requests for wedding and grad makeup. Just wanted to share a few tips today, for those of you who do not know how the flash photography impacts the way you look on the pictures, and to ensure the perfect results there are few rules to follow. I hope it helps out to those of you who will attempt in "painting their faces" themselves.

- Avoid SPF in foundations and mineral makeup- lots of foundations nowadays come with SPF sun protection. Unfortunatley it is a big enemy of flash photography, as it will make your skin look at least 3-4 shades lighter! (I know some of my Indian friends might say- wow, that is what I want, but believe me, it is going to look weird if your body is one color and your face is of a different one.)

-Avoid too much glitter or highlighters with large pearls/particles, and under eye brightening concealers. As they will bounce the light, and if you did apply those under your eyes, it will appear on photos as if you would have white halo circles around them. Rather opt for something less shimmery and only apply on high point of the face (cheekbones , little on top of the nose, and above the cupid bow of the lip)

- Avoid strong pink/red shades on the eyelids - as red/pink appear stronger on photography then they are in real life , while other colors appear more washed out. Also red in your eyes, will exagerate any redness in your eyes (sign of tiredness)...

- Blush is your friend in photos- apply more then you usually would, otherwise you won't even see it!

-For definition apply eyeliner in deep brown/taupe....otherwise your eyes might look too "naked" in pics

-False eye lashes make all the difference- just practice and experiment before the Big Day. For more natural look select individual lashes and add as many as you want. For more drama, go for stip lashes!

Good luck all in planning your Big Event!

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