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Just recentely was going through an article about one women arrested because she was selling fake, high end makeup on ebay worth of $80K dollars. The problem lies really in that those few women who can still think they can get brand new Chanel foundation Retailing at $60 for $15, are not only being fooled but placed their health in danger. It is absolutely not possible the authentic brands like YSL, Estee Lauder, MAC, would sell they produce for less then half the price. Besides, MAC does not do reselling, and for thos of us who get PRO discounts, are continiously reminded about that. So what is the deal with the chinese counterfeits- the amount of illegal ingredients in them! Apparently it was revealed there are sometimes 40 times of the legal allowed limit in them!!! Heavy metals like Lead, copper, arsenic, even urine is used instead of stabilizer in immitation parfumes, which not only can cause allergies, skin irritations, psoriasis, but also brain and liver damage,cancer, permanent damage to unborn child of those of you who are pregnant!!! Schoking!!!.... I think it is very important to go and buy cosmetics of quality, spend a litt bit more on something of very high quality, which you know is safe, and provide all the stated benefits (lengthening, smoothing, antiaging whatever it is), as it is something you put on your very own skin which gets absorbed into your blood stream. Would not you pay just a little bit more for that confidence that you are not poisoning yourselves? Be careful out there, chinese have become experts in counterfeiting. Best advise really, get cosmetics from reputable retail store or from the company sites dirrectly. Ebay and Amazon has become too much of a risk. Remember- if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

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